Barrett Consulting’s work is rooted in:

Holistic perspectives – looking at the big picture
Sustainable solutions to land- and water-use issues must be rooted in an understanding of environmental, social and economic imperatives. This requires input from many areas through multi-disciplinary collaborations. Barrett Consulting facilitates collaboration for planning, problem solving and decision-making.

Customized approach – designed for you
Barrett Consulting develops a tailor-made approach for each project, based on a sound understanding of the history of the situation, current issues, desired end-state, players and their needs, and the resources available. Suzanne explores ‘what if’ scenarios and frequently asked questions early in the process in order to avoid surprises and help clients respond to issues as they arise. And she specializes in problem-solving to meet your goals and provide multiple benefits.

Effective stakeholder involvement – creating positive relationships
It is vital to build relationships that enable multiple stakeholders (political, public sector, NGO, business, community) to respect one another’s opinions and work effectively together to achieve positive outcomes. Barrett Consulting focuses on team building with other consultants, with clients and their partners, and with the public.

Public engagement – facilitating a two-way street
Projects are most successful when they provide real opportunities for the public to influence decision-making in a way that is accountable and transparent. Suzanne uses a range of face-to-face and on-line techniques, depending on the needs of the project and the players, and the resources available.

Good communications – saying what you mean
Barrett Consulting uses the power of effective communications to enable informed decision-making, build sound relationships and ensure sharing of accurate and timely information.