Public engagement is based on the understanding that members of the public and stakeholders have a right to influence decisions that affect their lives and to participate in the development of their community. From the proponent’s perspective, timely and effective public engagement can gather valuable information and ideas to improve a project, make better decisions and facilitate the approvals process. Barrett Consulting works with clients to design public engagement programs that are tailored to the desired outcome for each project, with well-defined objectives for information exchange, consultation and/or active participation. Suzanne recommends engagement early in the decision-making process when possible, recognizing and building on any previous decisions and consultations.


Lake Wilcox Shoreline in Richmond Hill, 2008

Suzanne Barrett worked with the Town of Richmond Hill, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and ENVision the Hough Group to host an interactive workshop and open house for stakeholders and the general public, leading to development of a shoreline restoration program incorporating public uses.

Toronto Waterfront Plan for the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation. 2003 – 2004

Suzanne Barrett, Lura Consulting and Jeff Evenson designed a public engagement process and policy for the Corporation and implemented a series of consultations on the Toronto Waterfront Plan.

A Citizens’ Vision for Niagara Falls and Region, 1997

This engagement program was undertaken with citizens, professionals, elected leaders, local businesses and community groups to prepare a citizens’ map and report on a vision for Niagara Falls and Region. It was designed and implemented by David Crombie, Suzanne Barrett and Jeff Evenson of the Waterfront Regeneration Trust, and sponsored by the Niagara Falls Redevelopment Corporation and Greater Niagara Elected Leaders.

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